Veteran’s Day

Veteran's Day 1     Today is Veteran’s Day.  The picture that comes to my mind on Veteran’s Day is that from the famous Life magazine cover that shows a WWII soldier kissing that woman at the end of the war. Both of those people were strangers to one another, but many of
those WWII soldiers kissed wives and loved ones when they came home. What
happens to those men after that kiss? Not just WWII vets, but all vets
who come home after a few years of service.

     Most military personnel need to get reacquainted with their loved ones. In the meantime,
they also live with the nightmares of the war, try to find or go back to a job and pick up their lives. I think of the health risks from exposure to things about which they did or did not know. The mental and health costs of war to the soldiers and the loss of the quality of life for their loved ones due to their service often goes unnoticed by the public. We often discount that for every soldier who serves during wartime, there is another one or more persons (soldier’s family) who will be directly affected by the soldier’s time of service. 

     Men and women who serve our country give up more than we realize.  Most of
them are proud to serve and feel it is their duty.  Serving alongside those military men and women are their families.  Families serve by sacrificing time without their loved ones. They become single parents or worried parents or worried spouses. They must endure economic hardship and loneliness. So, as we honor the veterans and those who are still in the service today, let us also honor the families who are and have sacrificed the time, salary, and quality of life as their men and women serve in the armed forces. To veterans and service men and women who are currently on active duty, thank you for your courage and your service, and thank you to the families who continue to endure and have endured without their spouses and loved ones who are serving and have served.  I realize many times it was at great personal/financial cost to the family.  God bless each soldier and family member.

Freedom is never free.   Author Unknown