The Antichrist?

The Antichrist? 1

Over twenty years ago I attended a Bible Study on the book of Revelation. During one of the sessions we discussed the Antichrist. One of the women had an interesting theory. She felt the antichrist was not only a person, but also a thing. Her theory was that the word antichrist was capitalized in some places and not in others so two entities were involved – a great satanic leader and something immoral and corrupt that was not a person. Her theory was that the antichrist was the media because the news, television and movies were becoming less moral due to more violence, swearing and sexual content.

  The group agreed that it was an interesting theory. After that day, I didn’t give it much thought until now. Lately due to the behavior of the press and shows being streamed I was reminded of what that woman said in Bible study that day.

The antichrist is discussed in Revelation 13. After reading the traits attributed to this entity, I thought that perhaps that woman might be right after all. The media does fill some of the description of the antichrist. While this may or may not be true, the description and comparison is compelling.

The antichrist is said to be brutal, bloody, uncontrolled, and of wild character. Here in America the media is uncontrolled and thrives on blood and brutality. If there is anything to report involving tragedy – blood or brutal they are all over it. They behave like rabid, wild wolves anytime there is a serious situation to report and always looking for the bad in a situation. Our freedom of speech has led people to say whatever they want and pass it off as the truth or right. There is no moral compass the media uses to measure things that come from it.

This entity will oppose Christ and anything to do with Him and promote lawlessness. Let’s face it the media loves those wild characters on the fringe and are trying to make them mainstream. They shame conservative Christians because they do not go against their faith and beliefs and accept them as normal or good. The media implies that Christian morals are bad and condemning when in fact it is God who does that not Christians who are only following what God has mandated. Man doesn’t set morality or determine what is sinful – God does.

The antichrist will also execute the saints -those who believe in Christ. There have been many Christ followers who have had character assassination done by the media. As a matter of fact, one gets the feeling sometimes that they love it when they can do that. Let one Christian make a mistake and they vilify them. Yet grace is given to amoral people.

Revelation 13 says this entity will have great power and an army that reaches to the ends of the Earth. I think it’s safe to say that media covers the world at this point. I’m sure we can all agree they are a great army. Just look at how many attend a press conference or an event. They have power to do or say whatever they please and broadcast what they want.

The antichrist will use blasphemy which is profanity and sacrilege. That’s exactly what the media does to get the results they desire from their audience or money from their sponsors. They aren’t about the truth or morality. They just stir up people and get them hooked on their version of the news and truth so they can keep getting their advertising dollars. They will also twist what is said to make it not what the person said or meant at all. They add situations to shows and movies to try and make them mainstream. And Heaven help the person the media doesn’t like for they won’t be able to say or do anything right or good.

This entity will weave a spell and captivate people. The media picks and chooses the details they report and discard others. Their object is to keep people watching not to report the truth or convey what is right or moral. They seem to praise the bad people and behavior and look for bad in the good people and slam their faith or deride morals.

I can’t help but think that woman was right about the media as the antichrist. It’s possible they are a precursor to the Evil One that is to come and is paving the way. The only thing we can do is to measure everything that comes from the media – news and entertainment- against the Bible and to do our own fact finding. As a smart man once said to me, “You should believe only half of what you see and none of what you hear.”

Dear children, this is the last hour; and as you have heard that the antichrist is coming, even now many antichrists have come. This is how we know it is the last hour.  1 John 2:18