Light or Darkness?

Light or Darkness? 1

When you read the book of Genesis, you discover the first thing that God created was light. Then He proceeded to separate the light from the darkness. In other words, He created day and night. This was the physical separation of light from darkness.

God has also separated the light from the darkness in a spiritual sense. Light is defined as anything associated with God Himself. God is holy (pure and perfect). His holiness is so bright that humans cannot look upon Him and live. When Moses requested to see God’s face, God had to protect Moses from His “light” so Moses would not die. Moses spent so much time with God that God’s light made Moses’s face so radiant that scared the Israelites. Jesus called Himself “light of the world”. People who follow Jesus are also called “light of the world”.

By contrast, darkness represents evil. Everything that is sinful and goes against what is good, moral, and right – not in the sight of man, but in the sight of God. God cannot look upon sin and has separated Himself from it.  

Light causes sin to stand out with nowhere to hide. By the same token, sin blots out light – what is good, moral, and holy. Despite what we humans think, in God’s eyes there is only good and evil – there is no in-between.

This means that humans are either contributing darkness or contributing to light in our world. As I tune into social media, entertainment venues, and the news, the rhetoric and much of the content is anything but loving, moral, good, edifying, and encouraging. As a matter of fact, it’s sadly immoral, hateful, disgusting, obstructing, and discouraging and mostly contributes darkness in our world instead of light. This is an indication our world is becoming more immoral, uncaring, mean, and hateful. The blame doesn’t fall on not just one group or person – EVERYONE who is now breathing is to blame.

 The only way we can add light in the world is to monitor our own social media posts, thoughts, words, and actions. It’s time to ask ourselves– if I say or do this, will I perpetuate evil or strengthen good? You can never do something sinful in the name of good. It only perpetuates the darkness.

The devil is called the angel of light because he deceives man into thinking 1) He doesn’t exist and 2) You can sin or do wrong if your intentions are good. Sadly, many people fall into that trap. It’s true – 2 wrongs don’t make a right – that’s poor addition on many levels.

While I cannot control what everyone else says or does, I can control what I do and say. I can also choose not to react to other people’s actions and words in a negative manner. It only makes the world a darker place. Don’t you think it’s dark enough?

“But the things that come out of a person’s mouth come from the heart, and these defile them. For out of the heart come evil thoughts—murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false testimony, slander. These are what defile a person…” Matthew 15: 18-20a