Life Without You

Life Without You 1     The Christmas season wouldn’t be complete without writing about my favorite Christmas movie, It’s A Wonderful Life. George Bailey has exciting plans for his life, but his father dies. George is left having to take over the family building and loan. George is kind and helps people get the houses they want. He works with people when they are not able to pay. He is well-respected and loved by the community.  As with any movie, there is a villain, Mr. Potter, who does whatever it takes to make more money, such as, take over businesses or foreclose on houses. He  wants to see George Bailey fail or lose his business so that he can control it.

     In a weird turn of events, George’s uncle misplaces a large sum of money belonging to Potter. Jumping on the opportunity, Potter goes after George and threatens to ruin him unless he returns his money. Naturally, George does not have the money. He has several children and a wife that will be out on the street if he goes to jail. Feeling desperate, he realizes the only way to get Mr. Potter his money quickly is his life insurance policy via his death. Enter Clarence, an angel trying to earn his wings. His job is to stop George from killing himself. If he can do this, he’ll get his wings.

     To stop George, Clarence lets George see what the world would be like if he had never been born. George is shocked to learn that when he was not born, his brother dies, his mother must take in boarders and lives a sad life, his wife becomes a spinster, and Potter controls the town, which is an unpleasant place to live. When Clarence brings George back to the present, he finds people of the town donating money to help bail him out because he’d done good things for them or the town.  

     Think of what a gift it would be to be able to see how your presence on this earth impacts others. Sometimes we can get bogged down and feel sorry for ourselves, and perhaps, even like George, wish we’d never been born or feel like we want to die. Or wonder why we’re here.  Yet, we make a difference one way or another with the people who interact with us.

     If George Bailey can impact people in a positive way and not realize he was doing it, how much more can we impact if we are working at it? During this holiday season, as we get ready for Christmas and make our New Year’s resolutions, let’s make it a priority to make a positive difference on the job, in school, at home, or anywhere where we spend our time. We have it within our own power to truly make our life a wonderful life.