Live Free

I am blessed to live in a free country. We can say, do, and worship just about anything we want – if we don’t break the law. Even our laws were made with our freedom in mind. Perhaps we have too much freedom. Our freedom has given way to inappropriate words, worship and actions which has caused good mores to be a thing of the past. It allows the press to spin the truth or tell a half-truth to sway people to believe an untruth. We are trapped unable to change things for the better with common sense and morals in mind because of the freedoms we’re given. It’s a “Catch-22” situation.

            My mother once told me “just because everyone is doing it doesn’t make it right”. Yet that’s how freedom in this country has been abused. People have changed what is moral and right because they enjoy sin and condone it so that it’s mainstream. Now it’s up to each person to decide what is right. With sinful behavior looking “right” it’s a hard choice to make without some sort of direction.

            Our religious freedom has nixed Christian ideals and embraced anything that lets people do what they want. Christ has been taken out of Christmas (It started as a celebration of Jesus’s birthday not a buying frenzy.) The 10 Commandments and God have been taken from our schools and institutions. If someone says they are a Christian, they can be persecuted verbally or treated badly, and it’s okay. Our religious freedom applies to everyone EXCEPT Christians.

            True freedom comes from God. He has given us freewill to make our own choices. Our freedom to choose has led us down the path to becoming slaves to sin. The things we like to do that are sinful have us trapped in a snare in which we will have difficulty escaping. We are so attracted to that sin that we begin to want that more than being moral and decent.

            God has provided a way to free us from slavery to sin and embrace morality. He allowed His Son, Jesus, to die for our sins so that by faith and asking forgiveness for our sins, we can break free from it. To help us stay on that moral path He provides the Bible and Holy Spirit to guide us and keep us moving in the right direction. It is the only way we can be truly free and live in the light of doing what is right to make this world a better place.

Live as free people, but do not use your freedom as a cover-up for evil; live as God’s slaves.1 Peter 2:16

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