Does Your House Need Cleansed?

Does Your House Need Cleansed? 1

    When my sister moved to Florida around 1988, she went with a realtor to look at houses.  She was surprised at the condition of some of those places.  One place freaked her
out.  She said it gave off a badvibe.  Doors wouldn’t open, there were eerie
and strange sounds, and some things didn’t work.  She said she felt like an exorcist needed to
be called in to cleanse the house from evil or the former owners. 

     It makes sense that a house can absorb “vibes” from its owners.  There are many ways humans put their “mark” on a dwelling.  Let’s face it, if there is a
smoker in the house, the tar and yellow slime adheres to the walls leaving
behind a smell and a feel that is unhealthy.  People who have a knack for
decorating or love to entertain create welcoming and warmth.  Relationships of those who live within thewalls whether good, bad or indifferent can be felt by those who walk through
the door.  Even the level of cleanliness of a house can leave an

     I thought about the things that go on in my own house and the other houses in which our family has lived.  As we lived in each house, I think of the
events that occurred there, along with the words and tone of voice and
emotions, as well as, the hopes and dreams that spilled from each family
member.  I wonder about the struggles, arguments
and disappointments and the mark they left. 
In the end, I question what kind of vibes were most often cast out into
the living space?  Did our houses absorb
more of the good things and love than the bad things, the struggles and

     Now I admit I find myself more conscious about what kind of words and emotions that
I put out in my living space.  Someday I will want to sell the house I live in, and I want it to exude love, warmth and welcome.  It would be sad to me if someone felt like they had to call an exorcist to cleanse it.  Bad energy is just as toxic as carbon monoxide.  If words and thoughts do have that kind of energy and power and are absorbed by the house you live in, it
makes sense to monitor them just as you would carbon monoxide.  It will create harmony and warmth for all who live there now and will live there in the future.   

The Lord’s curse is on the house of the wicked, but he blesses the home of the righteous. Proverbs 3:33