Disunity 1

When I was the mother of three school age children, I dealt with bickering and fighting. Of course, any infraction I questioned was met with loud verbal denials, whining, tattle telling, and exaggerated accounts. There was also the measuring of favors, gifts and other things. Nobody wanted someone else to have more or do more than the other. The quest for power each one desired over their siblings was also a source of conflict.

                Whenever my children would come to me with complaints about someone or tattle tale about something, I would tell them to only worry about what they themselves did. You cannot control someone else – you can only control yourself. In the end, God will not ask you to answer for someone else’s sins, only your own.  Even those of us who are Christians will have to answer for what we’ve done even though we’re forgiven. We’re also to use our lives to spread the good news about Jesus and show fruit of the spirit to everyone.

                The same could be said about what’s going on today in our country. It breaks my heart to see how the two political parties interact these days. I’m reminded of two children who cannot get along on the playground and each child wants to give the other child a black eye and inflict as much pain as possible. Whatever happened to people agreeing to disagree and showing respect and grace?

                My prayer is for these elected officials to remember that they are human. Like every human they sin. There is not one person who is better or more righteous than the other despite what each one thinks. In God’s eyes they are stripped down and seen for who they really are imperfect and sinful. There are no degrees of sin or gray areas in His eyes and God looks at the heart and true intent. Yet God loves each person the same. He sent His only Son to die to absolve them of the sin and hate they so blatantly display for one another. If He who is so perfect can love like that, then certainly the political parties can be just as forgiving and start working for the greater good of our country.

There is no way that this dissention is helping or is healing. It’s evil and divisive. The unity that the founding fathers had hoped for this country is going down in a ball of flames. We are teaching our children that it’s okay be mean and vindictive. What happened to working together for the greater good?  I believe it’s possible to get along, forgive and do what is best without all this raucous display. It means that people must swallow their pride, give up the need to be right, and go about doing the business of governing rather than grabbing or showing power or trying to take the other down. The old saying that power corrupts absolutely is being played out right before our eyes in both parties. 

The collateral damage is wasted taxpayer dollars that could have fixed our roads, gone to education, help to pay for medical care – the list is endless. There is also the fracture and hate this is brewing in America’s citizens. That hate has breathed its foul-smelling breath over everything in this country. It should never be about the party, but about what is right, good and beneficial for the whole United States of America. Each person who calls America home needs to make a choice about what they can do to help make things better – choose to sow seeds of love and caring and not hate and vindictiveness. Each person needs to decide if they want to be part of the solution or part of the problem. What will you be?