Disappointment 1

      One of the hardest things in life we have to deal with is disappointment.  Disappointment is tied to our expectations, our wants and our dreams.  When our expectations are not met, our dreams shattered, or we don’t get something we want, it can cause us to go into mild depression, sadness, listlessness, and other downer feelings.  Sometimes, something can happen to us to make us wonder what we have done to upset God, or we feel like we are being punished for some reason.   

       Unfortunately, disappointment is a part of life, and the only thing we can do to accept it as such.  The nice thing about disappointment is that we are in control of how long it lasts.  We may not always have power to stop it, but we can certainly deal with it or end it.

       How do we end disappointment?  We end it by holding tightly to hope.  Hope allows us to view disappointment as a setback.  We may need to take time to revise our thinking about what has disappointed us, dream a new dream or set new goals.  It is also a time to lean on the Lord and revisit our beliefs. 

       Hope gives us the power we need to transcend our feelings of disappointment and gives us something positive to consider.  Regardless of what happens to us, there is always hope that the future will bring something different and/or better for us.  Hope helps us to weather disappointments.  The important thing to remember about adjusting our thinking with hope is make sure we base it on realistic outcomes and not on fantasy. 

      We can also view our disappointments as teachers and learn something from the experience.  We can take away what to do or not do in a situation, or perhaps realize that our goal was not realistic.  Whatever we learn can only aid us in the future which in itself can give us hope. 

       The important part of rethinking something is to keep expectations, dreams and wants real and attainable.  Know there will be disappointment along the way.  Accept it and try to use what you have learned to help yourself and others who may be dealing with the same situation.  Lean on your faith and move forward with hope. 

Anyone who is among the living has hope – even a live dog is better off than a dead lion! Ecclesiastes 9:4