Digging Up Bones

Digging Up Bones 1

Have you ever dabbled in archaeology?  Not many people make a career studying ancient cultures and digging up old cities, animal, and human remains. However, I would wager you are more of an archaeologist than you think.

     Since archaeologists exhume things, you may be surprised many of us do this regularly. We all have pasts and have something that we have buried or left there. And many of us unearth things that are better left alone as per the Randy Travis song called Digging Up Bones.

     There are several ways in which we practice archaeology. When you are arguing, do you bring up things that happened in the past? How often have you said you have forgiven an issue, but throw it out whenever there is an argument? When we dig up things from the past that are hurtful, stupid, or just need to be left in the past, and hurl them back at someone, we are showing we have not forgiven. We bury it in a shallow grave for a short time, and we will go back and dig it up as needed.  

     We also exhume things that are better left alone when we are sad or depressed. It is bad enough we go through bouts of the blues. But how many of us make ourselves feel worse by re-living things in the past that will make us feel even worse than we already do? The present is the present, and the past is the past. And the past should be left behind because we can’t go back, and we can’t change it. If we are already feeling blue, it is better to concentrate on good things and let the past mistakes and lousy stuff stay buried. Why treat that event like a hidden treasure and keep going after it?

     Are there things you reveal that should be left alone?  Leave them buried. When you forgive, mean it, and mention it no more. If something terrible has happened, view it as a lesson learned and move forward, vowing to do better. Allow the grass and flowers to grow over it by not going back and digging it up over and over.  

Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you. Colossians 3:13