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Books 1

This Is How A Heart Breaks

A chance meeting changes Monte’s and Kathryn’s lives forever. Their whirlwind courtship ends in marriage. Then an event happens to change the course of their marriage and their lives. Suddenly Kathryn finds herself alone and struggling to make sense of everything.

moving forwardReflecting Back…Moving Forward

You are a work in progress. Life is your classroom. Every day brings with it new challenges. It also gives you an opportunity to grow and learn. Events from your personal past, history or someone else’s past can be your teacher. History does repeat itself. You can learn from it, make changes in your life and improve your future. In this book you will find 365 daily readings that will make you laugh, cry, remember and think. As you read, you will find encouragement to make the changes you need to make in order to become a better you. As with any trip you take into the unknown, you will need a guide. The Lord is quietly waiting to be invited on this journey with you. If you allow Him, He will direct your paths, and you will never be alone.

Books 2

Falling to Pieces (Healing Heart Book 2)

After Monte’s funeral, life goes on for Kathryn. As she deals with her grief, things come to light about Monte that are unsettling. Now she has to not only deal with her grief but has to sort through what she has learned and what that means for her now.

Books 3

When the Heartache Ends (Healing Heart Book 3)

Kathryn continues to deal with her grief over the death of her husband, Monte. She decides it is time to move forward with her life and throws herself into her role as the head of the Monarch Foundation. She has several new ideas she wants to implement for the charity. Her ideas for the charity are met with some push back from some of the shareholders. As she tries to figure out how Monte ran Monarch Foundation, she is led to another shocking revelation.
Russ falls more in love with Kathryn and has some new competition for her affections. Monte’s old friend, Davis Tremaine, steps up his pursuit and has Kathryn’s attention. Russ must come up with a game plan to beat Davis at his own game. Russ comes to a fork in the road professionally and is faced with a life-changing choice that could affect his relationship with Kathryn.
How will the shocking revelation affect Monte’s friends and family? Can Kathryn stand firm in her faith with the temptations the men in her life dangle before her? Grayson, Kathryn and Monte’s son, takes a detour from his life path. His decision throws Kathryn for a loop. Will she support him or not? Who will win Kathryn’s heart?

Tomorrow’s Promise

Books 4
When Liv and Jake met, it was a case of an immovable object meeting an irresistible force. The immovable object, Jake, a less than attractive business mogul who is self-conscious about his physical ailments resulting from an automobile accident. The irresistible force, Liv, a beautiful yet fiery actress who quits a lucrative role on a soap opera to figure out next steps in her life.

Jake and Liv are an unlikely pair in both attitudes and beliefs. The friction they feel quickly ignites into an attraction. The attraction turns into a flame of passion which causes a domino effect in their lives. Will their lives ever be the same again?

The Beginning Began With God