When we were growing up, church was an important part of our lives. Mom made sure we were there for Sunday School, worship service, Sunday evening service and Wednesday night service. As we got older, my siblings and I negotiated Sunday evenings and Wednesdays, but Sunday morning was non-negotiable. In other words, Sundays were set aside for our spiritual growth. Until I was in my late teens, it was something I never questioned or tried to get out of doing. I believe my training and spiritual growth during that time was a moral foundation that has stood me well in my life so far. That’s not to say I was a goodie-two-shoes, but I did have a strong sense of right and wrong whether I chose to listen to it or not. I remember those formative years as a spiritual blessing, and even though, I strayed from it as a young woman, it eventually drew me back.

It makes me sad that today, church is not considered important – dropping church attendance is proof of this. Our society has adopted a cavalier attitude when it comes to church and spiritual things. We are a “if it feels good do it” society, your god is whoever you say he/she is, everything is true and relative and developing a relationship with the Lord is viewed as an unimportant. If we Christians talk about Jesus, we are told we are not being inclusive. Let’s face it, society has done a good job taking Christ out of Christmas and God out of everyday life due to political correctness.

It appears people adopt moral and spiritual values that fit in with their wants and needs. Right and wrong or a relationship with God does not enter their thoughts much at all. I get the feeling that more and more people are thinking life is all about ME and nothing about the Lord. Death and facing eternity happens to others, not to me. I’ve been good, so I’ll get in heaven – if there is one, and I know there certainly is not a Hell. After all, I have not murdered anyone, stolen anything or done anything horrible in my life, so if there is a Hell, I’m not going. Sound familiar?

When I see how far humanity has turned away from the Lord, it makes me sad. It also makes it much harder for those of us who want to hear Him and have a relationship with Him. I envy Abraham and Sarah, Moses, Adam and Eve. They got to have face to face conversations with God. How awesome it must have been for the disciples who walked along side and were taught by Jesus Himself. They were all sinful men who had nothing special to offer Jesus, except their faith. The early church and the apostle Paul were led by the Holy Spirit and were persecuted yet thrived because of their faith. In all cases, a relationship with God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son and the Holy Spirit were priorities and made part of everyday life. They did not give into the pressures of “the world” to turn away from the law, what was right and their faith in the Triune God. Their children were trained to know the Lord and it was a priority in their life.

The good news is that despite our sinfulness and even our not wanting to have a relationship with Him. He still loves us. He will welcome us with open arms anytime we want to come to Him. As long as we are living on this Earth, we have the chance to build that spiritual foundation that begins with a relationship with the Lord.

The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance. 2 Peter 3:9

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