Chocolate – it is the one word that describes “heaven in my mouth” for many. Before menopause, I would crave it. That craving caused my PMS to go off the charts. If I denied myself chocolate, everything that had to do with PMS was magnified. I never denied myself that one thing during that time of the month. The minute I put that chocolate into my system, I was a different woman. I went from emotional turmoil to being perfectly satisfied and quite content. This is not an exaggeration.

The sad thing about chocolate was that it was not a permanent fix. I had to keep infusing my system with it every time PMS would rear its ugly head. I had to endure that emotional roller coaster every month. There were times I just wanted it to go away and never come back. I embraced menopause because it ended up doing away with that dissatisfaction and craving. Of course, other things took its place.

Not only are we humans physically craving things, we are also spiritually doing the same thing. We try to satisfy our craving with things that temporarily stop that deep desire in us. We have a hole that we keep trying to fill so that we feel satisfied and the craving stops.

There are verses in Genesis that jumped off the page when I read them. It’s from Genesis 25:7-8 – Abraham lived for 175 years, and he died at a ripe old age, having lived a long and satisfying life. He breathed his last and joined his ancestors in death. I read that and thought how wonderful it would be for me to have that has my epitaph – I lived a long and satisfying life.

That epitaph was not achieved by anything Abraham did, but because of his faith. He had a satisfying life because he sought the will of God and lived his life accordingly. That’s not to say that there weren’t some hiccups along the way. He got off track many times. The key was that he realized his errors and changed course back to God and His will. He worked hard to make his relationship with God a priority. This helped him to feed that craving that was in his spirit that way it should be filled. It was a permanent fix. His life was made good not only from a physical standpoint, but a spiritual one.

Our spirit is our core – the eternal part of us. Whatever we allow into this core spreads out through our soul (mind, will and emotions, etc.) and to our body. If we fill that core with “chocolate”, it will give us a false sense of well-being and once depleted, we need more. If we live our lives for the chocolate, then our body and emotions will be centered around it – never becoming truly satisfied or be filling ourselves with something that is not good nor healthy for us. But if we fill it with the Lord, we have a permanent fix. If we maintain that relationship, we will feel satisfied and need nothing more. This will spread from our spirit outward and will be healthy and good for us.

We will be satisfied because when we are in the will of God, we are not doing or thinking things that are bad for us and deplete our reserves. We can rest in the fact that God loves us and wants good things for us. Even when we divert back to the chocolate, He will gently prod us back in love. When we are His, we are not condemned, can resist temptation, and live in truth which brings true freedom that results in satisfaction with our lives.

The LORD is my strength and shield. I trust him with all my heart. He helps me, and my heart is filled with joy. I burst out in songs of thanksgiving. Psalms 28:7

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